Our localised curriculum

Learning at Holy Cross School

Intensive Oral Language -Years 1-3

The Intensive Oral Language (IOL) programme has been one the most significant decisions we have made. It has had a huge impact upon our young learners, as we know many other schools also face the challenge of accelerating the progress of students at the entry level. We invite you to watch this video to learn more about this exciting initiative.

Garden to Table - Years 4-6

Garden to Table builds beautifully upon the learning, practices and expectations of IOL. It incorporates every area of learning: It provides real life, authentic learning experiences for students and helps to enhance their teamwork, problem solving and thinking skills.

Leadership and William Pike Challenge Awards - Years 7-8

We have a strong leadership programme which is implemented over a two-year period. Senior students are supported to develop their thinking and problem solving skills, their ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively and to integrate all key learning areas.