Emergency procedures 


  • Evacuate the classroom or workspace; children assemble on the courts near the school hall. Students walk sensibly and quietly.
  • On the courts, students sit with their class and listen quietly as the teacher checks the roll (this will be brought from the office).


  • In the event of an earthquake, children get under desks/tables and hold onto the legs of the tables. They remain under the tables until told to come out. If there is not enough room under tables or you are outside, children should get into the turtle position and protect their heads/necks.


  • In the event of a large earthquake and possible tsunami, you will be asked to evacuate the school and move to higher ground. When we have accounted for the children in our class, we move quickly up the zigzag in Athens St, beside the school, and assemble at the top.


  • You will hear a horn and then announcement “Holy Cross Lockdown” “Holy Cross Lockdown” “Holy Cross Lockdown.  On hearing this please lock the doors, turn off lights and pull down blinds, instruct students to hide under benches, tables so they are not visible from doors or windows.  Students are instructed to remain SILENT until given the all clear over the PA system.  Teacher should remain near a phone or have cell phone with them.  Please notify the office immediately if a child is in the toilets, sickbay etc.  DO NOT answer the door or come out of hiding until given the ALL CLEAR by the office.
  • If a teacher identifies a LOCKDOWN situation alert the office immediately. .
  • If threat occurs during lunchtime.  Alert office.  Adult will ring horn continuously.  If safe to do so get students into  a safe space as quickly as possible - the Hall, Rooms 6-7-8 or remain at the Polo Grounds (assembled by the South fence). Remain silent.  Await further instruction from police or staff.

Useful information in the event of a Natural Disaster

Here are some useful links to help you and your children in the event of a natural disaster