The school is open to all students from new entrant to year 8, with a connection to a Catholic Parish Community.  A Preference Certificate signed by the Parish Priest, must be received by the school for each child wishing to enrol.  Appointments with the Parish Priest can be made by contacting the Parish Secretary on 04 388-6953.

We encourage parents to pre-enrol their child as early as possible, preferably by the age of 4.  This includes younger siblings of students already at the school.

An Enrolment Package can be sent out to you by calling the school office 04 388-7189.  Once you have the Preference Certificate and have completed the enrolment forms please return them to the school office along with the following documents:

  • New Zealand birth certificate or New Zealand passport
  • If your child has a parent born outside of New Zealand please provide a copy of parent’s passport. 
  • If child was born outside New Zealand please provide birth certificate, passport showing current residency status.
  • Your child’s immunisation records 
  • Child’s Baptismal Certificate (if available)

Non Preferential

  1. A limited number of students with non-preference status may be on the school roll.
  2. Parents are able to place their child's name on the waiting list at any time.   Students will be offered placement as vacancies occur, and in accordance with the school's policy.

Priorities for determining preference and non-preference enrolments

Please click here to read our school priorities for determining preference and non-preference enrolments.

Enrolment Procedures

Meeting with the Principal

Once we have received your Enrolment forms and documentation we shall arrange an interview for you and your child to meet with the school principal. 

School visits

We encourage two -three school visits before a child begins school.   Please contact the school to confirm a suitable time.

Attendance dues

Attendance dues are $545.00 per year per child in 2023. Click here Attendance Dues Agreement. 

Attendance Dues are the compulsory property and insurance fee which parents and caregivers agree to pay when they enrol their child(ren) in a Catholic school.

The dues are used to pay for the costs of new school classrooms, the upkeep and maintenance of existing buildings, plus the insurance on all school property.

The Archdiocese of Wellington collects attendance dues on behalf of the proprietors of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese, they will send out invoices at the beginning of each year, and payments are to be paid directly to that office.  Automatic Payments can be arranged with them.  

Holy Cross Fees 2024

Technology ( Years 7 & 8 )           $120.00/year

SZapp Schoolzine App (click here)

To download our school app. We send communications out via this app. Contact the office  (04 388 7189) for the passcode.