PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning)

Holy Cross is a PB4L School
PB4L is the vehicle we use to drive our school values and rules. At Holy Cross we aim to focus on consistent positive behaviour by acknowledging our students when they are living the Holy Cross WAY!


At Holy Cross our School Values and Expectations are: 

  • Whānau - Be Inclusive

  • Aroha - Be Kind

  • YES! - Be Brave

We reflect on these questions in the classroom, in the playground and also in public. 

  • Whānau - "Am I including others?"
  • Aroha - "Am I being Kind?"
  • YES! - "Am I being brave and taking risks?" 

How we live the Holy Cross WAY!

Whānau is about Community: supporting those around us, participation for the common good. Working successfully with others, contributing and taking responsibility for one’s actions and input.

Aroha is about Love: acting with aroha, care, understanding, integrity and sensitivity. Being truly present to others.

YES is about saying “Yes” to Faith, Justice and Courage: embraces living our faith, working for justice and acting with courage

Individual and Whole Class positive behaviour is rewarded with a Gold Ball

Individual positive behaviour is acknowledged with a coloured ball. Names and numbers of balls gained are taken down on a classroom acknowledgement chart.

Whole School positive behaviour is rewarded when all classes fill the big lantern

The purpose of the acknowledgement system is to fill the classroom and school lanterns. Each week, classroom lanterns will be taken to Friday morning prayers to fill the school lantern. As the lanterns are filled the school celebrates their success.

Holy Cross WAY! Awards

To acknowledge exceptional behaviour, leadership, and living the values, each teacher will pick 2x students every second week to acknowledge at Friday school prayers.

PB4L helps all students to focus on their learning

We celebrate the success with family

PB4L helps your child achieve more than he or she ever dreamed possible!