PSG  (Parent Support Group)

A huge thank you to all families who supported the movie night last week. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves and all ages singing along. We look forward to holding another movie event later in the year.

Thanks to those who baked and to our on the night helpers who made the evening such a success.

Easter Raffle

Congratulations to the Easter Raffle winners:

  • 1st prize: Josh Angelo (ticket sold by Josh Angelo)
  • 2nd prize: Lomia Faamausuli (ticket sold by Melissa Aukuso)
  • 3rd prize: Leppa Manuao (ticket sold by unknown)
  • 4th prize: Els Renen (ticket sold by Alexia Raman)

And a special prize to the Lui-Fai whanau for selling so many tickets.

We would like to acknowledge families for your generous donations of goodies for the hampers - our biggest haul to date.

Entertainment Books

The Wellington Entertainment Book offers loads of savings for cafes, restaurants and activities - lots of 25% discounts or two for one deals. At $65, it represents great value. It is available in book or digital form (the digital option can go across two devices) and the school benefits from each sale. A great Mother's Day gift for nanna or birthday gift for a family member. You can also buy for family and friends in other parts of New Zealand through our link. Order your book online here or you can order a hard copy book at the office.

Good in the Hood

Keep a look out at Z Miramar during May. Our school will be supported through their "Good in the Hood" initiative - so make sure you put your orange token into the Holy Cross slot when you buy your petrol.

Remember to tell your friends to do the same. Everyone needs petrol and this costs no extra, but our school will benefit. So, be sure to fill your car at Z Miramar during the month of May. More info to follow.

PSG Meetings

The PSG meets the first Monday of each month in the school staff room at 7.00pm Everyone welcome. Or, you might not be able to attend meetings but are keen to give an hour or two of your time occasionally - just email us at or let the office know. Many hands make light work.

Parents Support Group - Holy Cross School Miramar


Christine Aitchison