Stationery List 

To view and print your child's class stationery list click on the blue year level and print or take a photo with your cellphone to take along to the Stationery Warehouse with you. 

These lists are also held at the Stationery Warehouse in Kilbirnie or click this link  then type in Holy Cross School - Miramar

Stationery items cannot be purchased at School so please purchase all items and they should accompany your child on their first day at School. Please do not buy your stationery from the $2 shop.

Class Teacher View/print the stationery list
Room 12 Mrs Sumner Year NE & Year 1
Room 8 Mrs Blewman Year 1 & Year 2
Room 7 Ms Wooles/Mrs O'Hare Year 2 & Year 3
Room 6 Ms Jensen Year 3 & Year 4
Room 5 Ms Jackson Year 4 & Year 5
Room 3 Mr Solia Year 5 & 6
Room 2 Mr Carson Year 7 & Year 8
Room 1 Mr Moemai Year 7 & Year 8