Holy Cross Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Group

Rehearsals are held on Monday afternoons from 2:20-3:00pm. Check out the amazing video on this website (under pictures). See Mr Solia and Matua Tala for more information. Resources for students can be found here.

Servant Leaders in Catholic Schools (SLiCS)

Every year, students in Year 7 & 8 can apply to represent the school at the Servant Leaders in Catholic Schools.  This is an opportunity to hear various ideas of how to facilitate and run liturgies, masses and other religious events.  This is a very important role for our school and requires students to lead various religious celebrations at Holy Cross School. Please contact Mr Carson for more information.

Music Lessons

We are currently able to offer students in Year 7/8 free music lessons in drums, bass guitar, guitar and piano with students learning in small ensemble groups. We are delighted that the Arohanui Trust will continue to provide string lessons for students from Years 1-7. In 2019, we will also be providing specialist music lessons for our Junior Classes.

Online Extension Music Activities

Otago Problem Solving

Gifted Mathematicians are invited to participate in problem solving sessions to deepen their mathematical thinking and solve challenging problems. Children participating in the competition attempt to answer five questions in 30 minutes on each of five problem sheets, which are done about a month apart starting in April.

Science Badges

The Science Awards schemes are designed to promote students' interest and participation in a series of science activities which:

  • encourage student initiative
  • provide a tangible reward
  • provide extension work for students

Holy Cross School 2019 Sports Enrichment

As well as a comprehensive of Fitness and PE programme during school time (including our Bikes in Schools), we offer the following extension activities in Sport

Term One

  • Interschool Mini/Basketball Yr 5-8
  • School Swimming Lessons Yr 4-8

Term Two

  • Interschool Netball 
  • Interschool Badminton Challenge 
  • Interschool Mini/Basketball 
  • Eastern Zone Netball 
  • Eastern Zone Cross Country 
  • Regional Cross Country 
  • Inter-Regional Cross Country 

Term Three

  • Interschool Netball 
  • Interschool Badminton Challenge Yr 5-6 
  • Interschool Mini/Basketball Yr 5-8 
  • Eastern Zone Swimming Yr 4-8
  • Eastern Zone Miniball Yr 4-8 

Term 4

  • Eastern Zone Athletics Yr 4-8 
  • Inter Zone Athletics Yr 4-8 
  • Regional Athletics Yr 4-8 
  • Eastern Zone Miniball Yr 4-8 

Please contact Matua Tala with any questions regarding these extension sports activities.