Home Learning at Holy Cross School

Research shows that the types of home learning that have the most impact on student learning are:

  • Joint parent/ whānau interventions e.g., Pause-Prompt-Praise reading
  • Teacher designed interactive home learning (TIPS)
  • Access to family/ community knowledge e.g., students interviewing family members
  • Teacher feedback on home learning
  • Quality interactions as opposed to independent worksheets and exercises

Writing, punctuation and spelling skills are learnt in a meaningful way.  While supporting your child’s learning you will all benefit from quality family time.  We encourage you to try out some of these activities: Target, Boggle, Scrabble, crosswords, or writing a letter to a grandparent or relative.

Teachers Including Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS)

TIPS Home Learning activities relate to what your child is learning in class and provide an extra opportunity for families to work together and have rich learning conversations. We look forward to working in partnership with you this year to support meaningful home learning opportunities.

Best wishes,

Holy Cross School Staff

Home Learning 2019

We are learning about how to be good digital citizens (McAuley Syndicate)

Recommended Sites for Students

  • Prototec - this is an excellent site for practicing basic facts - students should consistently get 100% and recall their basic facts quickly before proceeding to the next stage.
  • Kiwikids News - this is a fantastic site for students to learn about current events and to access non-fiction reading. Be ready for some interesting discussions about the news stories of the day!
  • DQ World - Senior students will be using this site to learn how to keep safe online and develop good digital citizenship skills
  • Banqer - Senior students will be using this site to develop their financial literacy skills.