Our people

Holy Cross is an integrated, full-primary school situated in Miramar, Wellington. The school has a roll of approximately 200 students. There are 25 ethnic groups represented within the school including: Māori, NZ European, Cook Island Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Indonesian, Indian, Cambodian, Greek, Italian, Eritrean, Dutch, Chinese, Ethiopian,  Vietnamese, Iraqi, Filipino, Croatian, Polish, Irish, French, German, Australian and Lebanese.  We are committed to facilitating a strong sense of identity for each of our students and their families so that they know they are welcome and that they belong at Holy Cross School.

Our school has a very committed Board of Trustees whose focus question is always, 'What is best for our kids'? The composition of the Board is reflective of the composition of the school community. Board members have an excellent understanding of current pedagogy due to input provided at each Board meeting from staff, students and other professionals working in the school. The Board chair encourages and facilitates purposeful discussion and models questioning that challenges those presenting to articulate clearly their given topic or report.

Our staff are highly skilled practitioners who work collaboratively to support a consistent approach. Each one of our staff plays an important and valued role in our school. A distributive leadership model, in which all are given opportunities to grow, has contributed to the level of skill and competence school-wide. Staff are genuinely interested in knowing our families and celebrating the wonderful diversity that we see as 'gift'.

We are also blessed with a highly active Parent Support Group who are always looking for ways to provide even more opportunities for our students.